Broadband service is complex and multi-layered. Whether you need a cleaner broadband map to prioritize investments, or need to demonstrate the impact of public funding, VETRO is your ultimate broadband intelligence platform that provides strategic insights beyond just mapping your state’s broadband.

Easy to use and based on innovative digital mapping technology, VETRO enables unprecedented flexibility and insight into the broadband landscape. VETRO is the smart choice for transforming large sets of disparate data into a comprehensive picture of your state’s digital divide successes and continued needs.

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Key Features of VETRO for State Broadband


Hosted in the cloud allows for easy access

Visual Displays

Ability to manage, display and analyze a large mix of statewide data sets


Ability to customize reporting based on data layers


Allows for quick, easy access to key data trends

Simple Interface

Easy to use, intuitive design allows for a view into patterns and gaps

Improved Workflow

Agency workflow feature suite allows for collaboration and real-time

VETRO delivers a unique suite of tools to state broadband agencies in support of broadband mapping and grant- making programs.

VETRO State Broadband Map for Arkansas
VETRO State Broadband Map for Arkansas

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If You are Considering:

TARGETING: Where should support be targeted and projects be funded?
FUNDING: How much money is needed to close broadband gaps with different technologies?
REVIEW: How do different grant proposals match local needs?
OVERSIGHT: How are service providers and grantees progressing towards buildout commitments?
RESULTS: How many new locations have been connected?

VETRO Broadband Intelligence Platform Delivers:

Arkansas Broadband Map Viewer

The Public’s Broadband Map – fulfilling a key broadband information need. 

Publish mapping to inform both exploration and decision-making through a centralized, map-based presentation platform.   Expose broadband data that will support deep analysis and visualization that are key to understanding the current landscape and setting priorities and objectives. Elevate transparency with stakeholders and the public by managing and publishing to a public facing map.

Platform of Record – Host, Manage, and Publish your Broadband Data

State leaders tasked with broadband funding management need a central platform of record to track all relevant local, state and federal data.

Visual Interface for Grantees Visualize Intended Impact

Provide eligibility mapping to help visualize intended impact of grant programs to encourage responses from applicants within eligible areas. Based on program parameters and objectives established by the state, provide searchable maps to aid applicants in understanding and responding to eligible geographies.

Analytics & Planning – Analyze and visualize statewide priorities

Once state and local assets are digitized in the VETRO system, state agencies can view operational, in-progress and planned networks, identifying geographic areas that need further development.  Further, using those identified unserved regions, the VETRO platform can be used to perform high-level costing to quickly identify funding needs.

Broadband Project Visibility – Map-based Visualization

Create map-based visualization and presentation of awarded locations and, ultimately, the expected practical impact of the grant program with granularity to illustrate homes and businesses that are included in proposed network expansion and construction projects.

Accountability – Track network construction and coverage improvements

The VETRO platform will enable data flow to the state from state-funded projects, establishing an extraordinary level of accountability, transparency, and highly visual project status tracking.

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