Broadband service is complex and multi-layered. Whether you need a cleaner broadband map to prioritize investments, or need to demonstrate the impact of public funding, VETRO is your ultimate broadband intelligence platform that provides strategic insights beyond just mapping your state’s broadband.

Easy to use and based on innovative digital mapping technology, VETRO enables unprecedented flexibility and insight into the broadband landscape. VETRO is the smart choice for transforming large sets of disparate data into a comprehensive picture of your state’s digital divide successes and continued needs.

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VETRO delivers a unique suite of tools to state broadband agencies in support of broadband mapping and grant- making programs.

VETRO State Broadband Map for Arkansas
VETRO State Broadband Map for Arkansas

Key features of VETRO for State Broadband

Platform of Record: A central hub to centralize broadband funding management and track all relevant local, state, and federal data

Arkansas Broadband Map Viewer

Visibility: VETRO’s map-based visualization platform enables real-time communication, collaboration, and reporting across multiple entities.

Accountability: Data flows to the state from state-funded projects, supporting efficient and effective communication between the state and key stakeholders with transparency, highly visual project status, and ROI tracking.

Analytics & Planning: State agencies can use digitized assets in VETRO to view operational, in-progress, and planned networks, identifying geographic gaps and quickly identifying funding needs.

Implementation Support: The VETRO Broadband Strategy Practice will work with your team on the implementation of the platform to ensure its successful use to facilitate your state broadband initiatives.

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