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ServicesWe Offer

The following support services are included with your subscription:

  • Online tutorials for self-directed learning
  • Phone and email technical support
  • Onboarding training sessions
  • Monthly webinar tutorials

Our services team also offers additional comprehensive platform and data support, such as:

  • GIS data services
  • Extensive training
  • VETRO FiberMap network builds
  • Integrations and customizations

Contact us to learn more about purchasing these additional services.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

VETRO FiberMap was built from the ground up by our team on an open-source-based geospatial technology stack in order to tailor our solution specifically to fiber networks, retain control of the stack, and provide customers with software that is less expensive than comparable programs.
Our team has long been an engaged supporter of FOSS4G (Free and Open Source for Geospatial) projects and community. We leverage many open source programming languages, libraries, and frameworks in the construction of the platform. And our development team contributes to open source projects when possible. VETRO FiberMap also relies on Google Maps for robust global base mapping and specialty services.
The platform does not rely on ESRI, AutoCAD, or other proprietary general purpose mapping engines. That said, the VETRO team knows these systems well. We offer strong integration capabilities that allow you to share data between GIS systems or even maintain your network geometry in the GIS of your choice while using VETRO FiberMap for fiber strand and circuit management.

VETRO FiberMap is a transformative GIS mapping platform that helps relieve broadband providers from time-consuming manual tasks like managing spreadsheets, creating a Bill of Materials (BOM), building reports, performing calculations, preparing data for other departments, defining potential build areas, estimating the costs and return on investment for potential build areas, and qualifying leads. Time is money. And for many small and mid-size broadband providers, these manual activities decrease project efficiency and increase costs. VETRO FiberMap can help alleviate these issues to improve resource ROI. VETRO FiberMap is not like legacy, on-premise client-server (old school) telco mapping systems. The platform doesn’t require a large up-front investment or implementation project, and users quickly become self-sufficient. We offer flexible subscription options, and we encourage you to connect with our sales team to discuss your budget.

VETRO FIberMap is a cloud-based platform. All of the platform’s data and software is securely managed using Amazon Web Services. Each customer has their own database instance which allows for greater flexibility and customization and provides a natural security wall. The data you bring in remains private to your instance and your users. Your data can also be shared selectively internally and/or externally as it suits your business needs and workflows. Every client database is fully backed up and archived nightly.

Any network features contained within a project and plan in VETRO FiberMap can exported to .kmz, Shapefile, or AutoCAD .dxf.

VETRO FiberMap is billed to the customer as a monthly subscription cost based on tiered usage that can scale up or down as business needs evolve. Please contact us to request a quote.