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Operating a fiber network comes with a lot of challenges—network documentation doesn’t need to be one of them, even if your records are stuck in an old system.

Are you working with disparate systems or documentation that is falling short? Without a cohesive source of information, it can be difficult to tell where your network infrastructure is installed or how it’s all connected, which can lead to major data inconsistencies across your organization, and make it difficult to manage operations or troubleshoot connectivity issues. VETRO FiberMap is your single source of truth, providing clear inventory and documentation of all network features and connectivity. Spend more time running your business, and less time struggling with old network maps.

The VETRO FiberMap platform provides the tools for designing and documenting your network in a well-managed data system accessed through an intuitive mapping interface. We offer import capabilities to easily ingest source data from GIS systems, Google Earth files, spreadsheets and more. And finally, our Geo Services team has the technical skills to make migrating into VETRO FiberMap painless if you’re moving out of a CAD environment or another fiber management system that is not meeting your needs. 

Click here to learn how Kit Carson kept up with existing service agreements and met demand for new fiber drops by moving from spreadsheets to VETRO FiberMap.

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