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Can a Network MapChange the Way You Sell?

How do you currently cost, qualify, and acquire new customers? Too often sales and marketing teams are either not experienced with mapping tools or do not have access to the organization’s network maps. Sales and marketing departments may also struggle to determine if a lead is within reach of their network without an engineer’s guidance, which adds significant time to the quoting process. Somewhat powerless at times, sales and marketing teams have not had the tools they need to specifically visualize where a lead—or even a customer—is located due to disparate systems.

Using the Macro Costing tool within the VETRO FiberMap platform, marketing departments can get rough costs associated with expanding into a potential neighborhood. Marketing can also leverage Demand Generation features, allowing them to view a visual representation of leads on the network map. Additionally, the Quick Plan tool allows sales teams to cost potential anchor or enterprise customers without the need for engineering’s involvement, saving precious time and resources. VETRO FiberMap provides sales and marketing teams with all of the network information they need to work more efficiently, collaborate with colleagues, qualify leads faster, and bring in revenue sooner.
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