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Is Your Network Map Outdated,Complicated, or Out of Reach?

As a network owner, your infrastructure is the heart of your business. You need your engineering and sales teams to know exactly where you can deliver services, how you connect and partner, and what the best path to return on investment looks like. All of this critical decision-making is driven by your network map. The old way of managing network mapping relegates this business-critical data to the back office and leaves your hands tied as an Executive. CAD maps in the hands of one chokepoint technician, splicing diagrams that look like eye charts, and legacy copper-oriented mapping systems won’t cut it any more. You need your entire company working off of a shared core asset map. And you need real-time access to network intelligence in the context of business decision making.

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Mapping as a Strategic Tool

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative uses VETRO FiberMap to reduce troubleshooting time and meet demand for new fiber broadband service. Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) is

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Meet leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers, software providers and telecom industry professionals. Discover new products, monetization models and capitalization trends. Join us at the leading broadband

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Join us for an insider’s view of the VETRO FiberMap platform. This webinar will cover a full tour of our network design, reporting and planning features.

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