Centralized Data inOne Intuitive Platform

VETRO FiberMap is an innovative, cloud-based fiber network mapping and management platform that provides a centralized data store for engineering, sales, marketing, and management. Using a single, intuitive platform ensures real-time network information is accessible to all users from any place at any time, using just a web browser. Standardizing on one tool for fiber network inventory and demand generation also improves information accuracy, consistency, and the ability to share data—while reducing costs and IT overhead.

Click on one of the icons below to see examples of current VETRO FiberMap users, and learn how multiple departments can benefit from one platform that centralizes network data while providing the role-based tools each function requires.

Learn how engineers are saving time designing, building, and managing their broadband network and fiber paths with GIS database technology that enables them to easily share asset and customer information throughout their organization.
See how sales and marketing professionals are using VETRO FiberMap to understand their addressable market, qualify leads faster, and view targets and expansion plans in one centralized mapping platform for collaborative decision making.
Find out how ISP executives rely on VETRO FiberMap to lower overhead, reduce training time, and improve coordination between departments—gaining the time and productivity they need to explore new opportunities for profit.