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Fixed wireless providers are commonly referred to as Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Hundreds of American WISPs have been delivering internet service to rural and hard to reach locations through hard work and ingenuity. One major challenge for WISPs is terrain, as line of sight must be available for traditional point to point, or point to multipoint service delivery. Other challenges include ongoing equipment maintenance, weather interference, bandwidth and backhaul.  

While continuing to build amazing wireless networks, many WISPs have become the new champions of fiber broadband. WISPs are charging ahead into fiber deployments in mainly rural areas; some for fiber to the tower, some FTTH direct to customers, and some hybrid. This pivot to focus future growth on fiber builds is driven by customers requiring ever faster and more reliable internet speeds.


With user-friendly features, the VETRO FiberMap platform streamlines the time and effort it takes to strategize, build a detailed network design, create circuit paths, and provide construction prints with the detail a full-service provider expects. Browser-based and easy to use, VETRO FiberMap enables all departments within the WISP to access the same network mapping information used by its engineers. Delivered as a monthly subscription model, the low cost of entry benefits WISPs by providing an affordable operating expenditure vs. the large capital expenditure required for traditional desktop legacy mapping solutions. An intuitive interface ensures onboarding is fast and easy, and the platform design eliminates the need for an in-house server or database administrator. These assets make VETRO FiberMap a natural choice for WISPs to deploy FTTH throughout the world.

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