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The Future of RuralDepends on High Speed Internet

Residents of rural communities are often excluded from the 21st century modern economy due to lack of high speed internet. Rural communities in Maine, Kansas, Texas, and other locations around the globe may be limited to dial-up internet—if internet service is available at all. Rural communities are seeking faster, less expensive internet on par with their city-dwelling peers that will allow them to work remotely and use online services to access shopping, news, information, and government data. Without it, rural communities will struggle to bridge the digital divide and prevent young people from migrating to urban areas. In fact, recent studies show that providing high-speed internet is the number one strategy to attract and retain young residents in rural communities. High speed internet is clearly a crucial yet unmet need for many rural areas.

Rural Telephone Companies (TelCos) are in a unique position to offer fiber broadband to their existing footprint. Rural Telephone Companies often have decades of infrastructure experience, and in many cases own the rights to poles or even conduits leading to potential customer premises. These attributes coupled with customer buy-in position Rural TelCos as the natural and trusted go-to for fiber deployment in rural areas.


With VETRO FiberMap, Rural TelCos can combine market intelligence with planning, engineering, and existing infrastructure to precisely plan their networks. Providers can let customer demand drive their projects and use existing network plant mapping data such as the location of conduits, poles, and strand paths to steer projects in a profitable and sustainable direction.

VETRO FiberMap allows broadband providers to do business with greater creativity and flexibility using software that blends true simplicity of design with intuitive workflow for fiber builds. Instead of investing significant time to become mapping experts with legacy tools, Rural TelCo teams can leverage VETRO FiberMap to unlock the time and resources they need to focus on fiber network operations, explore new opportunities for profit, and build beyond their existing footprint.

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