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The Open AccessNetwork Model

Local governments in the United States and abroad are struggling with citizen access to affordable, reliable, and ubiquitous broadband to support economic development, education, health care, digital inclusion, and smart city operations. The issue is particularly acute in smaller rural towns and edge cities that are not priorities for large incumbent investment. The municipal government is often faced with a difficult decision: continue with existing incumbent broadband providers and hope they will upgrade networks, enter into partnerships with third-party engineering firms and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to build a private fiber network with public support, or create a public municipal broadband utility either alone or with other communities.

Local municipalities are increasingly choosing to invest in their own internet infrastructure to support local economic development and meet their operational needs. Many municipalities are drawn to the open access network model through which the municipality builds and owns the network, but multiple ISPs can compete for customers and deliver broadband services over the public fiber. This model requires advanced planning, financial analysis, detailed engineering, and great data and software tools. VETRO FiberMap delivers the mapping platform needed to support an open access network, and integrates with many complementary tools and systems for a complete solution.


The VETRO FiberMap platform brings value to municipal projects anywhere on the public-private partnership spectrum, from fully private to fully public. Municipalities and their partners—including engineering firms and ISPs—can jointly leverage the VETRO FiberMap platform through the planning, feasibility, design, construction, management, operation, and expansion phases of a broadband project.  

Municipalities can readily leverage existing GIS systems and data assets in the VETRO FiberMap platform. The platform adds value and purpose to basic municipal GIS data by wrapping in network path routing, fiber splicing detail, network equipment, and other critical information that existing GIS systems were not built to handle.

With user-friendly features, the VETRO FiberMap platform streamlines the time and effort it takes to build a detailed network design, create circuit paths, and provide stakeholders with complete and easy access to the same information used by engineers. With VETRO FiberMap, even the general public can have access to the network build out and availability mapping in detail and in real time. Transparency and communication are very important in any public project. VETRO FiberMap helps municipalities meet this need with an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that enables everyone who needs broadband network information to access accurate data from any place at any time using just a web browser.

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VETRO FiberMap bridges active engineering with customer-friendly project progress map publishing to meet commercial and residential expectations for project timing and transparent communication.

The platform is also uniquely structured with APIs to support open access orchestration as the underlying physical network mapping fabric. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the virtual provisioning of circuits for service riding atop the physical map, and VETRO FiberMap provides intelligence of who can be reached via which routing.

VETRO FiberMap is a comprehensive mapping tool for municipalities to:

  • Determine existing levels of broadband service
  • Estimate demand within the community for high-speed internet
  • Provide cost estimates for a build-out of the network within the community
  • Generate detailed financials (CAPEX and OPEX over ten years) for city officials and administrators
  • Manage network documentation as a repository for “as-built” network data and splicing records
  • Build automated, detailed network designs that present the full scale of the project
  • Create graphics and visual maps to easily inform the public and potential customers of project status
  • Empower the owner/operator to maintain and expand the network

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