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Electric Cooperatives areBridging the Digital Divide

In our rapidly-expanding information economy, high speed internet access has become as essential as electricity for businesses and individuals. However, millions of Americans do not have access to broadband by today’s bandwidth definitions. This population will only fall further behind as the bar moves higher and the digital divide grows. Thankfully, many people lacking broadband access live in the service area of a rural electric cooperative. Electric Cooperatives (Co-ops) are ideally positioned to offer broadband to their members and communities, leveraging decades of infrastructure experience and a commitment to service to build out fiber optic networks.

Fiber optic networks are expensive to design and deploy, and many Co-ops are expanding into the internet provider space for the first time. Finding an affordable, right-sized, centralized, and comprehensive network design and management tool is the key to a smooth expansion into this critical area of rural economic development. Fiber optic networks are a multi-decade asset and an investment that benefit electric co-ops as well as community connectivity needs. Co-ops have the technical know-how, business experience, community commitment, and the will to solve this problem for their members. Co-ops who are stepping up and deploying fiber broadband are positioning themselves and their communities for the internet of today and of the future.


With VETRO FiberMap, utility co-ops can now combine market intelligence with planning, engineering, and community-based infrastructure data to precisely plan their networks. Providers can let customer demand drive their projects and use key electric plant mapping data such as the location of conduits, poles, and strand paths to steer projects in a profitable and sustainable direction.

VETRO FiberMap enables small and new broadband providers to do business with greater creativity and flexibility using software that blends true simplicity of design with intuitive workflow for fiber builds. Instead of investing significant time to become mapping experts, electric co-op teams can instead leverage VETRO FiberMap to unlock the time and resources they need to focus on fiber network operations, explore new opportunities for profit, and compete with larger operators.

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