Building the Broadband Bridge

Fiber to the premise networks rise to the top when building for maximum capacity and for the future. But building a high speed fiber network is a very complex, challenging endeavor, even for veteran internet service providers. State and local leaders taking on the development of network infrastructure need great tools, ongoing support, the ability to collaborate, and reliable data to bring their broadband visions into reality.

VETRO FiberMap 

The Right Tool at The Right Time

Building a great network starts with the right software. VETRO FiberMap is a groundbreaking fiber network planning, design, and management platform built to bring your broadband vision into reality. Affordable, easy to use and accessible from any browser window, VETRO FiberMap is the simple, one-stop solution from concept to deployment. 

VETRO FiberMap Offers:

  • Complete planning tools to take you from “identifying the gaps” on a map, to high level design, cost estimation and the network design phase.

  • Unprecedented visibility of your network assets and strand-level inventory, capacity planning and management tools.

  • A robust toolkit for building fiber as a utility, including digital, GIS-made-easy design tools and the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in real time.

  • Network Management features spanning the lifecycle of a fiber network that support every organizational unit’s needs, including troubleshooting, analytics and reporting.

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VETRO Cares Program

The VETRO Cares Community Broadband Solution

The VETRO Team created the VETRO Cares program to provide planning and design tools that can help accelerate broadband expansion in local communities throughout the US.

VETRO Cares extends the value of the core VETRO FiberMap platform, the same platform used nationwide by ISPs, Engineering Firms, professional broadband planners and others, to local broadband initiatives.  At a basic level, anything that a local committee was doing in Google Earth for mapping and asset inventory or in spreadsheets for cost estimation can be done in the VETRO Fiber Management platform.  And moving this data and work into a cloud-based platform provides a virtual table and map for all stakeholders to collaborate around.

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VETRO Cares: State Agencies

For state broadband agencies, VETRO Cares is a platform of record, intelligently mapping and inventorying the state’s existing broadband infrastructure and coverage gaps.   along with data layers the agency needs to get a clear picture of their state’s progress in bridging the digital divide. Beyond simple mapping, VETRO offers state broadband offices a publishing engine for maps of served and unserved areas, as well as a collaboration and reporting platform that unlocks  transparency and pathways to accountability around grantmaking programs.

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VETRO Cares: Community Planners

For communities engaged in broadband initiatives, VETRO Cares offers the VETRO FiberMap fiber management platform, paired with data packages, local support networks and the training and guidance to go from vision to lit fiber like experts. This program is being rolled out in managed groups, with the first rollout being in VETRO’s home state of Maine and launched in November, 2021.  VETRO will be bringing the program to other states over the course of 2021 and running calls for participation. If you have a community broadband project in need of a mapping platform, reach out to VETRO now and we will consider selective deployments outside of the managed groups.

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