VETRO is turbo-charging community initiatives to bring high speed broadband to residents and businesses with our industry-leading combination of software, services and data — all tailor-made for community broadband project planning and implementation.

Broadband and fiber management can be complex and multi-layered. Whether you need a cleaner broadband map to prioritize investments, or need to demonstrate the impact of public funding, VETRO is your ultimate broadband intelligence platform that provides strategic insights beyond just mapping your broadband network. Easy to use, efficient and based on innovative digital mapping technology to enable unprecedented flexibility and insight, VETRO is the smart choice for determining network asset presence and creating a ‘shovel-ready’ plan that best fits local needs. 

Our flagship product, VETRO FiberMap, is a comprehensive fiber optic network operations software solution and platform environment that enables “end to end” network planning, design and management.

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VETRO FiberMap for Communities Includes:


A flexible web-based mapping system to manage local level broadband planning data along with important federal and state data sets to determine project boundaries and target available funding. This same system can be used to design and manage network infrastructure

Location Data

Broadband serviceable location fabric points (“The Fabric”) are a key starting point of serviceable locations in your community

Service Availability

Mixing best available data to establish a point level foundation for service availability today

Cost to Build

Fresh modeling that delivers a design driven cost estimate to build networks

Crowdsourcing Tools

Connecting communities into VETRO’s Broadband Intelligence Platform will enable ground level community review, edit, and feedback loop on broadband data, seamlessly within an upstream-downstream system

High Level Designs

Automated network designs can provide a preliminary design-level cost to build out an entire community with fiber

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Schedule a short introductory call with our VP of Broadband Strategy, Brian Mefford to set up a demo of the VETRO Broadband Intelligence Platform

Elevate Community Efforts to Shovel Ready Design

Communities use VETRO to take their efforts to the next level. The VETRO platform will enable tangible network planning and design that will support the issuance of RFPs, the pursuit of grant funding, and will enable a higher level of informed stakeholder collaboration.

Cooperation, Collaboration and Competitiveness

With simple “point and click” usability, VETRO enables the creation of community network and asset inventory, provides a platform for identifying and understanding broadband gaps, and a means to create plans and network designs for a competitive position to pursue funding.


VETRO provides a map-based visualization interface that enables real-time communication, collaboration, and reporting across key stakeholder entities. Project status is easily tracked and reported for every audience involved in the broadband ecosystem. 

VETRO was created with you in mind.

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