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VETRO offers integration and product partnerships to deepen the way you use your network map data with VETRO.

Unlock added flexibility, data insight and collaboration through VETRO partners. 


GLDS offers best-of-suite customer management, billing and service delivery for broadband. 

Managing physical fiber assets through a phased construction project? Trying to incorporate a streamlined marketing process based on service availability, balancing the demands of leads in areas where construction hasn’t yet completed? Want to automate customer outreach when a phase completes, driving your leads to sign up for service?

VETRO FiberMap now integrates with GLDS BroadHub and MyBroadbandMarket.

Combining pre-construction demand aggregation and provisioning functionality, GLDS enhances the customer and operator experience with a fluid, integrated solution, populating customer lead data collected via VETRO’s Z-Manager component. 

Paired with the power of the VETRO platform’s comprehensive fiber asset management, and a full, strand-level view of your network emerges, powering your customer service, billing and provisioning teams.

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CostQuest Associates

VETRO and CostQuest have teamed up to deliver VETRO-CQ, a suite of broadband business case modeling, design automation, and project costing tools. CostQuest is well known as the leader in broadband economic modeling and works with national clients including Federal agencies and large Wireless and Wireline telecoms. CostQuest modeling and VETRO mapping make a powerful pair.

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