Business & TechnologyPartnerships

VETRO FiberMap works with many partners to deliver best in class specialized products, services and support. These partnerships can be both business and technical in nature. The organizations listed below are our current partners, and we are actively pursuing technical integration as well as select distributor and reseller agent partnerships. Please contact us if you’re interested in discussing future partnership opportunities.

VETRO and CostQuest have teamed up to deliver VETRO-CQ, a suite of broadband business case modeling, design automation, and project costing tools. CostQuest is well known as the leader in broadband economic modeling and works with national clients including Federal agencies and large Wireless and Wireline telecoms. CostQuest modeling and VETRO mapping make a powerful pair.

COS Systems builds software that powers broadband projects, COS Service Zones is a widely used demand generation suite, and COS Business Engine is a BSS/OSS and provisioning platform for open access networks. VETRO FiberMap integrates with each system to bring network mapping into these worlds.
EntryPoint Networks brings unique technology, experience, and philosophy to building open access municipal fiber networks. Their focus is on virtualization and software defined networking (SDN) as well as financing models to locally fund builds. VETRO FiberMap intends to integrate and serve as the physical network map supporting EntryPoint projects.

Fulcrum provides a field data collection and update tool set that is cloud-based and easy to use. VETRO FiberMap teamed up with Fulcrum to offer some simple yet powerful integrations in keeping with our user-focused technical approach.


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