Geospatial Architect

Jesse Bishop serves VETRO FiberMap as a Geospatial Architect. He spends his days working closely with our development team building & testing new features to improve our VETRO FiberMap platform. He also assists with GIS-related troubleshooting for our clients on an as-needed basis.

Prior to NBT Solutions, Jesse served as a research associate for the non-profit, Woods Hole Research Center. He “wore a ton of hats” as the database administrator as well as being to go-to GIS person.

“What I enjoy the most about my role here at VETRO FiberMap is solving data puzzles,” said Jesse. “We abstract all the hard geospatial stuff away from our users so they don’t have to think about the relationship between a circuit and a fiber cable. Users click on a A to Z and we do all the work in between. We’ve really simplified a rather complex data model in the backend in to something that’s presented very simply and is easy to use.”

Jesse describes his career path into the GIS field as a “happy accident”. He went to school at University of New Hampshire (UNH)  and earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in forestry. While in his master’s program and in his first job, he worked with satellite imagery and quickly realized he needed to combine GIS and programming to work efficiently. “I was working with satellite imagery across the tropics.” says Jesse.  “I had to piece together 20,000 satellite scenes to see at a single point in time. It was at point I had to learn programming so I could stitch it all together programmatically.”

Originally from Connecticut, moving to Vacationland was always in his long term plan. Jesse spent his family vacations on the coast of Maine and it “always felt like home.” In his free time, Jesse enjoys his hobby of woodworking and tending his large vegetable garden.