VETRO FiberMap is brought to you by the team at NBT Solutions. We’ve been delivering GIS, Geodata, and Mapping services to the telecommunications industry since 2008. We’ve brought together a talented team to design and build world class Mapping Software on an open source stack, using agile development principles and simple web-first design – all in the cloud. We have a strong GIS pedigree that informs our software development.

We understand the mapping, data, and systems needs of ISPs. No business is more inherently ‘spatial’ than communications. Location and geography dictate who you can service and how profitable it will be.

Working closely with wireline and wireless ISPs and related broadband interests, we found that traditional mapping tools were not meeting the needs of the rising tide of small and mid-sized internet builders. Traditional engineering tools, both CAD and GIS based, are not a fit for many smaller ISPs. Google Earth rules the day for many. In either scenario, the network is stranded with the engineer, but the mapping is needed throughout the business. We have built a solution for this market that is different. One that serves as the information hub of both physical and logical network records. And in a platform that enables integration with other systems through APIs.

Our platform was designed and developed over years, with input from many small ISPs, by a team who cares deeply about quality design, about user experience, and about service. We are proud to have VETRO FiberMap launched as of March 31st, 2016 and are excited to roll out new features, new data, new analytics, and new value on an ongoing basis as only the ‘Software-as-a-Service’ model permits.

We invite you to reach out and have a look at our platform. We are confident that VETRO FiberMap™ will deliver immediate and long term value to our clients. As such, we believe that we can become an integral part of the community looking towards building the next internet infrastructure.

Sean Myers Will Mitchell